25 Here I Come!

Another great surprise party planned by D. Was I supposed to expect one back to back? Again I feel so blessed and lucky to be surrounded by amazing people.

Being 25. I do not think I have quite accepted it.. but I am willing to go with a bang! God would want me to celebrate the life He's given to me so I will try my best to continue to praise Him. Without Him.. I really am absolutely nothing.

Another blessing. My brother and sister J and G. At this time of our lives, we can support and love one another fully. They are both gifts from God and I am a different person today because of them.

On this day, I am again reminded about being a disciple for Christ. Not living life for anyone else, but for Him. It's hard to keep the bigger picture in mind.. but I hope to get better at focusing on Him this new year. :)

With tragic happenings in Japan... unsettling wars and riots in the Middle East.. hunger in North Korea.. there is too much to pray for.

May He have all the glory this year!