My hope is that this year will be a God-glorifying year. When I look back on 2011, I can see how God was next to me all along. I will not call that year a horrible year, but it was a year of growth in gaining self-awareness. Now engaged and going into a different chapter in my life, I realize how I need Him more and more. This is the year with no resolutions but trusting that it will be a steady transformation into my adulthood years.

Thanks to wonderful God-loving parents, warm hearted brother and sister in law, forever loving sweet sister, steady rock fiance, God loving church, open minded school friends and professors, and to every one else that God has placed in my life.

Sometimes I am too quick to make conclusions on how the puzzle pieces in my life will come together but I am humbled in His grace and timing.

Blessings to an "even" 2012!